DIY Crochet, Sewing, and Watercolor

DIY doll and crochet

Handmade bunny doll with crochet hood, infinity scarf, and leg warmers.

Last week was hectic, so there was no Cultural Parallels article yesterday. In fact, I’ve decided to publish that particular segment on a biweekly basis for the rest of the year. I may choose to revert to a weekly schedule in 2016, though. I can’t believe it’s almost October!

Now that my sister’s birthday has passed, I can share some of what I’ve been working on lately. As I mentioned in my greeting cards post, I love designing personalized envelopes even when they’re store-bought. This year, for my sister’s 22nd birthday, I drew lipstick, mascara, nail polish, eyeliner, and lip liner on the envelope. Some of the curves ended up a little wonky after I inked the lines, but that’s down to nerves. More importantly, I learned that premade envelopes come with a waxy finish that repels watercolor paint. In hindsight, I probably should have foreseen that, but oh well. Now I know.

Watercolor envelope

Hand drawn birthday card envelope depicting assorted makeup.

DIY crochet boot cuffs

DIY crochet boot cuffs, made with bulky yarn.

Part of my gift to my sister this year was a pair of crocheted boot cuffs. These were the first human-sized garments I’ve crocheted, and I’m proud of the outcome. I taught myself how to sew earlier this year by stitching together a little bunny I drew. My favorite part of the whole project was embroidering his little gap-toothed face. After he was complete, I used him as a model to create tiny crocheted outfits.

Handmade bunny modeling a handmade crocheted mini poncho and leg warmers.

Handmade bunny modeling a handmade crocheted mini poncho and leg warmers.

To date, I’ve made him a buttoned poncho, leg warmers, and an infinity scarf. I started working on a hood a while ago, but abandoned the project when I couldn’t decide whether to turn it into a hooded cape or a hooded scarf. I bought a few new skeins of bulky yarn today and a larger crochet hook, and I’m planning on crocheting a human-sized scarf now that I have the hang of working in the round. Once I finish, I’ll post the result here.

DIY bunny doll

The handmade bunny — tastefully nude?


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